I have a dream., 2023



Partly as a result of modernity and the comparibility of our lives, we always strive to do better and to outperform our best. But at what point will our best be good enough? Tedsky, the artist, reflects on the increasing social anxiety in our society and is able to show the personal confrontation with his crippling anxiety and selfdoubt. After assessing his work, he destroys and crumbled his artwork. However, upon further investigation he realizes the work has always been good enough. 


These simplistic yet strongly communicational works show the complete process of the following:
- creating an artwork,
- crumbling up and destroying that first creation as if the artwork is not good enough based on creator's instilled perfection,
- flattening the crumbled paper and framing the artwork as a symbol of accepting and overcoming the destructive selfdoubt.



  • year: 2023
  • limited edition of 10
  • Framed with museum quality artglass
  • Materials: 200grs paper, acrylic marker
  • Size: 50 x 50cm 

Signed and numbered by the artist

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