WORKSHOP "The Rules of the Playground"


As TEDSKY I started this workshop to encourage more people to live a life courageously explored. 

"The Rules of the Playground" is a transformative art workshop where we dive deep into the theme of courage and its profound impact on life. In this 2-hour immersive experience, we will explore how courage can be channeled through artistic expression to overcome challenges, break boundaries, colour outside the lines and ignite personal growth.

Basically: "Fuck around & find out". 

By doing so, you'll learn that art can serve as a powerful catalyst for acknowledging your limits, embracing vulnerability, and summoning the strength to face life's challenges head-on.

Through the principles of portrait drawing, bold brushstrokes, colouring pages, and vibrant colors, we uncovered the depths of courage within ourselves and harness them to create meaningful and impactful artworks.

As we step out of this workshop, let your newfound courage continue to shape your artistic journey and inspire your own (creative) endeavors.

So what's included in this amazing workshop?

  • A two hour long workshop under guidance of TEDSKY.
  • Access to all painting materials.
  • Drinks & Bites included. Love it.
  • Working in a creative art studio 
  • Your freshly created artwork that'll directly be framed for you to take back home.

Practical information

Location: Maria Austriastraat 961, 1087JB Amsterdam.
Time: see all the available time slots below. 
Dresscode: Perhaps needless to say but wear clothes that are allowed to get dirty.

Please note: There is only room for 15 people! So don't miss out!