Contemporary (Conceptual) Artist


Did you know that a lion lives longer in captivity? But  although that may be true, we don't wish the lion a long and happy life. No, we wish the lion to die just a bit quicker in the wild. Because that is where it belongs (or perhaps you really just dislike lions for no particular reason).  

When it comes to our own lives, TEDSKY noticed that mankind actually prefers to have a longer life in the hope that something great may happen to us. While at the end of our lives, research showed that our biggest regret was not even trying to live the life we wanted. 

As an artist, TEDSKY ventures into his own restrictions in life by changing his world as his playground, ignoring restraining opinions, challenging his limited beliefs and even breaking the rules a little, all while maintaining a good heart and having a bit (read: a lot) of fun.

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