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TEDSKY(b. 1992)  is a Dutch Artist, based in Rotterdam.

As an artist he is intrigued by the possibility of an individual having a free will within society. Shown in a study back in 1951, Solomon Asch conducted a conformity experiment to investigate the behaviour of the individual under the pressure of social forces. This experiment showed that the participant would give an incorrect answer due to group pressure. Even if the correct answer would be so evident, the participants almost always did what the group would do. Strange right? 

It leaves to question: "To what extend can society actually hinder the choices of an individual?" Somewhere along the way to adulthood I guess we lost our ability to experiment, to challenge, to fail. And by the time we have grown up, all our perceived expectations and opinions of society may go against our wildest dreams and could even prohibit us from even trying to live our dream. It is almost as if we take part in this lifetime conformity experiment. We will slowly notice that we have orchestrated our lives to the likings of our surroundings. 



By the way: Did you know that a lion lives longer in captivity? And although that may be true, we don't wish the lion a long and happy life. No, we wish the lion to die just a bit quicker in the wild. Because that is where it belongs (or perhaps you really just dislike lions for no particular reason).  

When it comes to our own lives, TEDSKY noticed that mankind almost actually prefers to have a longer life in the hope that something great may happen to us. While at the end of our lives, research showed that our biggest regret was not even trying to live the life we wanted. TEDSKY aims to be a role model on how to pursue dreams in life, to care less about opinions, to try, to fail and to try again. 


"By creating art I venture into the current quality of this adventure called life. As TEDSKY, I am able to use an unorthodox style to challenge restraining opinions, beliefs and expectations, while having my heart in the right place. I believe, in some cases, it is best to kick against the social norms in order to address them. This way of expression can be uncomfortable, but to quote Picasso: "Art is a lie, that makes us realize the truth". My artwork is based out of small fragments of our childhood memories. These childhood memories let you remember what you did as a kid by carrying you back to that kid-like state. A state where everyone was an explorer, where experimenting was our second nature and where we had no preconceived idea of what it all meant. As an artist I want to present that small window of opportunity to contemplate on achieving your own goals for life." 

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When TEDSKY first originated in my mind, it just sounded beyond ridiculous. Because let's be honest, a guy that was wearing a teddy-bear mask all day, convinced himself that he has a story to tell and then tries to tell this story through art, without even having any proper form of education in Fine Arts.. Literally everyone did not believe that this plan could succeed. But now here you are, reading about me and my mission. So I guess, in a way, I made it. 

It just goes to show that persistence and the lack of self-doubt will get you there. The whole concept and existence of TEDSKY is to inspire you to take control and follow your dreams even though it may be just as ridiculous. The world is small and our time here is really short. So waste as little time possible. Ignoring restraining opinions, challenge your limiting beliefs and even breaking the rules a little, all while maintaining a good heart and having a bit (read: a lot) of fun. to My only dream is for us is to be kind, support each other and to make the best out of our lives together.  


Sounds like a plan right? But as we may have the choice to live our life to the fullest, not everyone has been given this privilege. As TEDSKY, I dedicate my talent as an artist by donating 10% of my profits every year to charity organisations that are focused on improving life for children that are less fortunate. 

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